Crank Up The Radio! Singing In Your Car Is Good For Your Brain

Singing in the car is a staple of a road trip, but did you know that it is actually good for your brain? Nadine Levitt, founder of Wurrly, recently spoke with Brit + Co to explain why your carpool karaoke is more than just fun.

Check out how singing in your car is going to help out your brain below.


More oxygen in your brain


Singing causes oxygen to be sent to your brain cells.

Engages both sides of your brain

"Singing engages the brain! If you were to get your brain scanned, here's what it'd look like: When you speak, the center of your brain lights up (indicating it's engaged), when you listen to music, the right side of your brain lights up (give or take, depending on the emotional recall connected with the song), but when you sing, your entire brain is active."  Nadine LevittThe combination of melody and lyrics make your brain light up everywhere.

Builds memories and taps into emotions


Tap into those memories and emotions as you sing! Not only does singing help you access memories but it helps you build them too.

Your body feels various frequencies


You will be able to feel them internally and hear them externally according to Nadine.

Releases positive hormones


Not only does it strengthen the connections in your brain, but it actually releases endorphins and oxytocin. Endophins make you feel happy and oxytocin is called the "stress relief" hormone.

A short session is all it take


Singing at least once a day if the most effective, but if you are a bit shy even twice a week will be beneficial as well. If you 100% cannot deal with your singing voice even when you are completely alone, playing an instrument has similar effects.

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