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Single Dad Wore A Heartbreaking Shirt To Disney World, But It May Have Saved His Life

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Rocio Sandoval and her husband Juan were enjoying a day out at Disney World last week when something unusual caught their attention.

An elderly man was pushing one of his 5 kids through the park in a wheelchair, but what caught Rocio's eye was the shirt he was wearing. In big, black letters it said "In Need Of Kidney O Positive," and listed a phone number. While the couple assumed the child in the wheelchair needed the kidney, the truth was even more upsetting.

The man pushing the chair, 60-year-old Robert Leibowitz, was advertising for himself. The single dad and father of 5 is living with a damaged kidney, and needs a transplant to replace his failing organs. The custom t-shirt was his daughter's creative idea to help him find a matching donor.

On Tuesday Juan and I celebrated his birthday at Magic Kingdom. On our way out we saw this man pushing a teenage boy in...

Posted by Rocio Yanira Sandoval on Sunday, August 27, 2017

Leibowitz is reluctant to publicly search for a donor, but couldn't resist trying his daughter's idea for their family trip to Disney World. "It is very hard to get a kidney and there are not a lot of donors out there," Leibowitz explained, "or with O positive (blood type). I am universal, but I have to get an O back."

Sandoval offered to take a picture of the man's shirt to share online, and Leibowitz encouraged her to "share this with the world." He has less than 300 Facebook friends, and was hoping that Sandoval's post could reach at least 100 people.

But his special shirt's message ended up reaching farther than Leibowitz ever imagined.

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