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'Sister Wives' Star Comes Out As Gay, Used Homophobia As A Way Of Coping

TLC's Sister Wives has a new storyline they can add to next season...Mariah Brown, daughter of Kody and Meri Brown, has come out as gay.

The 21-year-old shocked her family, who are Fundamental Mormons, a faith which does not approve of homosexuality. However, in 2013 the family stated they believe everyone should be able to "structure" their family "in any way they want," whether they are gay or straight. I guess a family who believes in polygamy can't close of their minds TOO much to a "non-traditional" family.

This revelation comes after a family scandal involving Mariah's mom, Meri, who admitted she had been tricked into a relationship with a woman online. The family has been in therapy since then, but it hasn't been easy on them.

Meri Kody, and Mariah Brown.

Mariah says it was hard for her to come out to her family, knowing their religious stances, but she says the family gave her their full support.

"I remember thinking right before I told them, 'If I don't spit it out now, I'm not going to be able to,' " Mariah says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. "Like when you go cliff jumping: 'If I don't jump now, I'm not going to jump at all.' It was one of those things, and I just blurted it out."

But her family, including her biological parents and the other wives, could not be happier for Mariah.

"You come from an Old Testament religion, you are not excited that your child comes out," Kody explains of his faith's stance on homosexuality. "I thought about this years ago, and I made a decision. My job as a dad is to love and respect and not to judge."

Mariah says that it took a while for her to come to terms with her sexuality, using homophobia as a defense mechanism.

"It was something I was so scared of in myself," she says in the latest issue of PEOPLE. "If you were to ask me my biggest fear, it would have been to be gay. I remember being in church, and they talked about how being gay was bad," she recalls. "But none of that came from my parents. It was from church and the people I was around. One bishop told me gay people were selfish."

"My whole life I tried to shut it out. I was finally letting myself be real. I had this image I had to uphold, and when I started letting that go, I realized I didn't have to be the person I thought I had to be," she says.

We are so happy that Mariah was able to find her true self and that her family accepted her for everything she is!

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