He Was Sitting In Traffic When Something Slithered Out Of The Hood Of His Car

Tim Mokwa lived my worst nightmare on Monday.

The Clearwater, Florida resident was sitting in rush-hour traffic when a six-foot long black snake emerged from the hood of his car.

Mokwa immediately pulled into a parking lot, though how he didn't run away from his car screaming bloody murder is beyond me. He pulled out his phone and began snapping pics of the snake, even capturing a short video of it.

"I did close my AC vents. I was like, 'I do not want it to sneak in this car,'" said Mokwa. Yeah, I don't blame you there, buddy.

Mokwa says he had been camping that weekend, so he's pretty sure that's when the snake made his way into the hood.

"We used to catch snakes on purpose. Snakes come natural in Florida just like rain in the summertime," Mokwa said. "I'm just glad it wasn't poisonous."

I'm just glad it wasn't my car.

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