Mom In Hot Water After Admitting To Skipping Her Daughter's Award Ceremony To Workout

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As parents, it seems there's always some type of assembly, concert, ceremony, rehearsal, game, etc., that you're expected to attend. Even the smallest of accomplishments evoke the biggest of parties, and it can start to be overwhelming,

Yes, you want to support your kids, but at what point does it become too much?

Blogger Kristen Hewitt knows this struggle well, and recently decided it was all too much. Hewitt posted on Facebook that she skipped her daughter's honor roll ceremony to go for a run, instead.

Hewitt, in 2013, with her children.Facebook

“I was worried about putting this message out there because I thought a lot of people would say I’m selfish or would judge me, but I don’t really care what other people think,” said Hewitt.

Immediately, there was criticism, but Hewitt's explanation made things a little more clear.

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