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Cable Snaps And Sky Camera Crashes Down On Spectators At Rio

Seven people were injured when a cable snapped, dropping a sky camera 30 meters to the ground below. Original reports and photos showed two women sitting on the ground bleeding and shocked by what just happened.

Witnesses say that the women were hit by the cable as it whipped around. One woman appeared to be struck in the throat. One woman, bleeding from her face was carried away on a stretcher by paramedics, the other walked away from the scene in a neck brace.

One wittness told ABC News that he "could see on their face that they were hurt." "But it was lucky that there was nobody else that was there," he went on, "because I think someone would have been killed." These ladies certainly are lucky to be alive!

The London Daily Telegraph reports that the camera belonged to the International Olympic Committee's official broadcasting unit, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). Reports on what exactly went wrong still haven't been released.

Check out the incredible footage and images below:

Associated Press

Associated Press

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