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Man Hosting "Slumber Parties" For The Homeless Risks His House Being Bulldozed

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NBC Chicago

We are brought up to believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and that when we can't offer people money, the next best thing is time and sharing what we can. But it seems that it isn't that easy anymore, at least for one generous man in Chicago.

Greg Schiller is a resident of the 'Windy City,' and he noticed that when the temperature dropped below freezing, there were still people wandering out in the cold. He found out that there were times when local shelters weren't available to handle the demand for their services, and knew he couldn't just sit back.

"Somebody's going to die," said Schiller. So he did what his heart told him, and opened up his doors to these people.

He started offering up his garage for people to at least be sheltered from the winds, but when a man required medical attention from a preexisting heart condition, he was told to stop.

But he decided to ignore their request, and instead invited his guests into the house proper, and this is when the city amped up their threats.

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