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Smart People Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast

It's just a great week for dairy products! Yesterday we found out cheese will make you live longer, and now today science gives us the best study possible: Eating ice cream for breakfast makes you smarter.

That's right! A Japanese scientist has proved what I already knew was true, obviously that is why I do it all the time. Consuming ice cream first thing in the morning can improve a person's alertness and mental performance.


Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo's Kyorin Univeristy, (a.k.a. my new hero), has completed the study that had participants eating ice cream as soon as they woke up.

After eating ice cream, they participated in a series of mental exercises on a computer. The group that got the ice cream performed better than the control group who didn't eat the delicious treat.

There was an increase in high-frequency alpha waves when the subjects ate the ice cream, which would increase alertness and reduce mental irritation. They wanted to confirm that it wasn't just the cold temperature that snapped the participants awake, so they experimented by replacing the ice cream with cold water. While the participants who drank the cold water experienced minor improvements, it was no where as significant as the subjects who ate the ice cream.

Professor Koga is continuing his research on how food can affect your life. He has previously studied how food affects stress, and also how they impact the aging process.

The science behind ice cream turning into a brain food is still a little fuzzy, Koga thinks it might be a trigger for positive emotions that give energy, but they will probably discuss this over a nice chocolate fudge sundae before they present their final results.  

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