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Smart People Like Bad Movies

Chances are if you like a trashy movie, you are probably super smart! A study conducted in August found that people who have positive associations with bad movies were actually some of the most highly educated. So now you don't have to feel guilty about watching those 1-star-rated movies on Netflix! If people make fun of your browsing history you can justify it by saying your are actually a genius!


The study consisted of a survey of 372 participants who were asked to list 20 words they associated with "trash films" and also 10 titles they considered as one. The participants defined "trash films" as a poorly made film with embarrassing content. One of the most listed movies was "Sharknado".

The people who love the trashy movies actually tend to watch them ironically and were referred to as "cultural omnivores" because of their interests in such a broad spectrum of arts and media.


86% of those surveyed admitted to enjoying trashy movies with 43% of them holding a university degree and another 32% had higher education entrance qualification. Only 1.2% of participants had no educational diplomas at all, leaving the researchers confident that the higher education level was common with those who love a bad movie.

What do you think? Do you like a good-bad movie? I know I do! It's fun to watch something that is just so clearly awful and wonder who thought it was a good idea. Share with your friends and let them know your favorite bad movie to watch!

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