Smiley Rescue Pup Helps His Humans Get Engaged

When Lisa Reilly adopted Meatball aka Meaty, she knew she was in for a handful. But with that smile, how can you say no?

Reilly adopted Meaty after seeing his picture on Facebook through the Fresno Bully Rescue. He's known as Meaty because of his...round stature.

It wasn't an easy adoption in the beginning, though. In an essay Reilly wrote for Petco, she says, "Everything went wrong: I woke up to a sea of chewed shoes; he barked and yodeled at me when he wasn't fed on time; he chased our little dogs; and he would just lay down on walks, refusing to budge any further. I won't even mention his snoring or excessive gas. Such a gem, he was."

Lisa Reilly

Two days after Reilly took Meaty home, she went on her first date with Joe, who was more than happy to help out with the pup. The two formed an incredible bond.

Lisa Reilly

After dating for a while, Joe decided it was time to propose to Lisa. But he needed to enlist some help. Who better than the big guy who brought them together in the first place? Joe got Meaty on board to help out. Tuxedo and all, Joe even taught Meaty how to balance a ring box on his snout.


           Instagram photo by Lisa Reilly • Feb 11, 2016 at 2:52pm UTC


Of course, Lisa said yes. And now everyone is together as one big happy family!


           Instagram photo by Lisa Reilly • Aug 4, 2016 at 3:00pm UTC


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