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17 Reasons Goats Are The Absolute Best

Goats might be one of the greatest animals ever created. They are bouncy, they are adorable, and they are hilarious. Everyone loves goats right? Well they should!

Have you ever seen such a happy animal? Goats have the best smiles around. They also are a pretty interesting animal with their unique eyes and their climbing abilities. Here are 17 very important goat facts you need to know along with several pictures of smiling goats because you need those too.

1. Goats burp

Because of their four stomach system, there is a gas build up as the plants break down. That gas is released as a big ol' burp!

2. Goat's pupils are rectangle for a good reason

The rectangle shape gives them better vision. They can see a good 320-340 degrees without moving where a human only sees 160-210 degrees.

3. Goats are picky eaters

They have sensitive lips that they use to test out the food to see if it is tasty and clean. They apparently don't like hay that has been lying around for too long.

4. Baby goats (kids) all smell different

Their mothers don't actually identify them by sight, but instead by the unique smell they give off along with their unique call.

5. Goats are essentially dogs.

They have similar life spans and also just like a dog, can learn their name and come when called.

6. Goats can become depressed

If a goat doesn't have a companion it will become depressed because they are herd animals.

7. Goats are one of original farm animals

Who could resist these faces? Goats were tamed over 9000 years ago.

8. Goats are family oriented

Goats are herd animals yes, but they also like to spend the most time with their closest relatives.

9. Goats are more coordinated than you

Their balance is crazy impressive and some species can jump over 5 feet high.


10. Goats only have teeth on the bottom

Their upper jaw is very strong but has no teeth.

11. Goats have accents

While all goats have their own voice to help their mother find them, goats in different regions and countries have their own accents!

12. Legend has it that goats discovered coffee

In Ethiopia it is believed that goats stumbled on a coffee shrub and were particularly energetic so the herder tried them himself and so coffee was born. (Or so legend says)

13. President Abraham Lincoln loved goats

He had two that lived at the White House with him, Nanny and Nanko.

14. Mom goats are always just kidding...

Baby goats are called kids, so the process of giving birth is called "kidding".

15. Goats were one of the first animals brought to America

Goats came over on the Mayflower with the earliest European settlers and they quickly became one of the most valued possessions.

16. Fainting goats don't faint

Not technically at least, their muscles freeze up when they are startled which causes them to fall down but they are totally conscious during the episode. It only lasts between a few seconds to a couple minutes and they are totally fine, but it really has made them internet stars.


17. Cashmere comes from goats

The winter undercoat on certain types of goats is what they use to make those expensive cashmere sweaters.

How much do you love goats? Share with anyone who needs a smile!

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