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'Snortable' Chocolate Is Here And We Have A Lot Of Questions

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Maja Suslin/ TT/Metro / Legal Lean

Moms everywhere are rolling their eyes so hard they've probably given themselves a headache. For years, millions of mothers have told their children not to play with their food and "no, don't put that up your nose" has been the mantra of anyone who's ever raised a three-year-old.

It's fair to say that the individuals who invented 'snortable chocolate' were probably the same kids who shoved peas up their nose.

It's true that chocolate can have a positive effect on our memory and concentration by naturally increasing the blood flow to the brain. Dark chocolate especially can help to prevent heart disease, improve your mood and even protect your skin.

But, given the sugar content, just how much we should consume and how often are still a subject no one can agree on.

While the benefits of chocolate are often debated, one thing no one questioned was whether we should be putting it up our noses - until now.

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