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Soldier Seen Carrying Fake Skeleton In Military Uniform Has Heartbreaking Explanation

Stacy Kieper was out walking when she came across an unusual sight.

She was walking in Troy, NY when she saw a soldier carrying a skeleton wearing a military uniform. The man was sweaty, out of breath, and struggling to carry the skeleton. Kieper was curious and had to stop the man to ask what he was doing. His answer broke her heart.

The soldier told Kieper that he was raising awareness for PTSD in military veterans. He said yet another one of his friends committed suicide the night before, also a soldier. The soldier was holding back tears as he explained the trauma that this fellow soldiers are dealing with, and how most of them cannot handle the post-traumatic depression and stress.

This soldier has fought for our country and is continuing to fight for our brothers and sisters who are still struggling after returning home.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from military PTSD, please know there is hope. There is always someone to listen. Here is a link to the Veteran Crisis Line. If you are not a veteran but still need to talk to someone, here is a link to some crisis hotlines.

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