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Surprise Reunion Between A Soldier And His Mom Is Super Heart-Warming

Soldiers sacrifice a lot for their country, the biggest of all is perhaps the time they spend away from their family. They may spend months and months without seeing their loved ones, and the reunions are always something so sweet to watch.

This soldier's mom had no idea he was coming home. With some careful planning, he was able to give her the surprise of a lifetime!

Austin was on tour in Afghanistan and told his mom his stay was extended until August, when he was actually due to come home in June. He had a friend pick him up and bring him to his mom's house,  and ran into his grandmother in the driveway. He had her call his mom out of the house while he hid outside.

Obviously, her facial expression is so fun to see. The pure shock as she pulls him into a big warm hug is so heartwarming. Check out the video to see how wonderful this reunion was.

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