Someone Give This Baby Seal A High Five!

It can be rather lonely in Siberia.

The snow, the cold, it's all enough to drive someone crazy.

But for one photographer, Alexy Trofimov, he was given a warm welcome to the cold country.

Trofimov was in Siberia with the hopes of capturing some amazing photos of the surroundings and wildlife, when one tiny seal came over to say hello. The seal, a Baikal, is part of a breed that's extremely shy and hard to capture.

It was particularly difficult to shoot a Baikal seal pup on the ice," he told Caters News Agency. "It took me three years to get my first picture."

Not only had this seal let Trofimov get close, he also gave him a wave!

STOP. THAT CAN'T BE REAL. THAT'S TOO CUTE TO BE REAL. "I was happy to be able to capture such a rare picture; seals are very cautious and easily frightened, so it is difficult to photograph them," Trofimov explained.  "It was a very rare and special moment. If a seal pup is not too scared, they will begin to become curious about you and this is what this seal was doing."

Trofimov ended meeting the entire family of seals, but none captured the heart as much as this little one who just wanted a high-five!

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