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Something Is Terribly Wrong With This Photo. Can You Spot It?

A few people who were walking in Byethorne Park in Adelaide, Australia, saw something profoundly disturbing in the pond. There were a few ducks by the shore, and one swimming in the water. But something wasn't quite right.

While the other ducks looked completely normal, the one in the water had a knife protruding from its head.

People were shocked by the sight and took some photos before reporting the incident to the RSPCA. Unfortunately, when rescuers arrived, there was no sign of the duck or the knife. With the assistance of the public, they're hoping to locate the duck and give him proper medical attention.

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"A rescue officer attended on Saturday morning and searched but did not find a duck with a knife in its head. The knife may have become dislodged between the time of the photos being taken and the Rescue Officer’s attendance, or the duck may no longer be in the park – we’re continuing to monitor sightings of the duck with the assistance of locals who are familiar with the waterbird life in the area," the RSPCA said in a statement.

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The situation is certainly horrifying if true, but the bizarre circumstances are causing many to doubt the photos uploaded to the RSPCA Facebook page are real.

RSPCA South Australia has received a report and images of a duck at Byethorne Park, Nairne, that had a knife imbedded...

Posted by RSPCA South Australia on Monday, May 1, 2017

Mel Schultz commented: "This picture looks photoshopped the reflection in the blown up image is not even the same as the original pic."

Another Facebook user said: "Does anyone else notice that in the two images the knives go in different directions?"

RSPCA cleared up the questions by explaining that the pictures came from two different bystanders, and were unfortunately real.


It's horrifying that the duck could still stand and swim under those conditions. Who would stick a knife in a duck's head?

"I've been doing this job for near on 13 years and just when I think I've seen everything and I couldn't be more shocked, things keep coming up that are just disturbing on so many levels," said chief inspector Andrea Lewis.

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The RSPCA called the incident a "appalling, deliberate act of cruelty" and are urging people who have information to contact them directly.

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