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Loyal Son Keeps His Promise, Listens To The Cubs Win At His Father's Grave

When Wayne Williams makes a promise, he keeps it. Especially, to his father.

Until this year, the Chicago Cubs have been trying for 108 years to clinch the World Series and generations of fans were finally vindicated when the cubs took it all on 2 November, 2016.

On that night, two loyal fans were missing from the stadium.

Wayne Williams Jr. drove 600 miles from North Carolina to Indiana and set up camp beside his father's tombstone to listen to Chicago battle it out with Cleveland for the World Series of Baseball.

Wayne Williams died in 1980 at 53 years old, and, according to Wayne Jr., he would have loved to see them win.

He has been talking about it with his boys for years, and his sons know that their dad made a special pact with his own father. Even though the WWII Navy veteran wasn't alive to witness the moment, Wayne Jr. faithfully brought the moment to him.

It's one more great example of how baseball brings people together, spans generations and makes dreamers of us all.

Watch the local news interview below:

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