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Son Waits 8 Years To Get Revenge On Dad For Christmas Prank

Patience is the most important thing, especially when you are trying to pull off a prank. Gifts are kind of the perfect way to prank someone, because they are completely in your control. They have to open it if they want the gift, but they obviously have no way to know what's in it.

This son decided to pay their dad back for a prank he pulled for his 16th birthday. His dad had used the box of an Xbox and hidden a bowl with a key inside. A sneaky trick to play on an excited teen. 8 years later, he got him back for it, with his own Xbox swap.

It's really funny to see how well they were able to execute this gag. It also shows just how important home videos really are! You should totally keep all those memories recorded in case you need to use them as reference later!

Check out the hilarious prank below.

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