17 Sounds That Will Make Dog Owners Go "Yup, Pretty Much"

If you have a dog, you will understand these sounds all too well.

Sure, all pets make noise. But for some reason, dogs have VERY SPECIFIC sounds.

We found some of the most dog-specific noises that every dog owner will appreciate. Some are cute, some are annoying, but all of them are why you love your dog.

1. The sound of skidding on a hardwood floor.

2. A wet nose getting dangerously close to your ear.

3. The nudge of a food bowl early in the morning.

4. The sound of a dog trying to get cozy.

5. The happy jingle of a collar when they greet you at the door.

6. The little whimper in the middle of the night that wakes you up...probably just for attention.

7. Or the whimper of "give me the food you are eating please."

8. The lapping of water after a long walk.

9. And the munching of food as if they haven't eaten in 20 days.

10. The "I'm covered in water but I'm going to shake anyways" sound

11. The bark when literally anyone comes to the door.

12. The scratch at the door literally 2 seconds after you've let them out

13. The panting after a long walk or run or anything remotely athletic.

14. The sound of a squeaky toy being destroyed (out of love, though)

15. The thumping of a happy happy happy dog tail

16. The soft snore of a tired pup

17. And the sound of silence...which means something has probably gone horribly wrong

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