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Man Who Fathered 30 Children Through Sperm Donation Admits To Lying About Crucial Information On His Application

James Christian "Chris" Aggeles has 30 children via sperm donation throughout the United States and Canada. But recently he turned himself in to authorities after lying about critical information during the screening process.

According to the police report filed by Detectice Brigitte Menzel in Georgia, Aggeles turned himself in saying "he had falsified paperwork for a sperm bank, Xytex."

The lawsuits filed against Aggeles claim he lied about his mental health history as well as his criminal background.


Aggeles was promoted as healthy, highly educated, and popular to potential families looking to have a child. When in reality, Aggeles had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and narcissistic personality disorder. He also served time in jail for residential robbery. Not totally what people are looking for in a sperm donor, huh?  

It's not just Aggeles under fire, either. The donation bank, Xytex, is also facing lawsuits for not properly vetting Aggeles before accepting him. The company says they interviewed Aggeles and performed a standard medical exam on him, but he indicated he had no mental impairments. Xytex said they made it clear to the families his information could not be completely verified for accuracy.


But the families aren't buying it. They think it should take more than the "honor system" to verify a sperm donor.

A lawyer for Xytex said Tuesday the company looks forward to "successfully defending itself."

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