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10 Tips To Help You Spoil Your House Guests

Having guests stay with you can be a little bit stressful because you feel like they are watching everything you do. What if you could guarantee they would enjoy their stay?

Try out some of these adorable tricks and tips to spruce up your guest's experience this holiday season, and you will be happy you did. Your guests will love it, and you will feel like the ultimate host when you see how much they enjoy your awesome efforts. Check out some of these ideas below to really spoil your guests and become your families own Martha Stewart!


1. Cupcake Towels

Giving your guests fresh towels never looked so adorable. Wrap up your facecloths with this little technique and add a little flourish or two to really make it stand out. Almost too cute to use! Tutorial here.

Gather samples and travel size items for your guests

This will help out your guests if they happen to forget anything. Usually dollar stores or Walmarts have little travel sections with small sizes that you can collect over time. Put them in a pretty jar and voila! Adorable!

Have your Wifi information easily accessible

Make a pretty print with the password and frame it so your guests will have it on hand if they need it and won't have to feel awkward about asking for it.

Either purchase or make a cute sign so they feel welcome.

Your guests will be a lot more comfortable if they don't feel like they aren't taking up your space. If you can, make it more inviting with some art. You can buy this on Etsy or make one yourself.

Give your guests a little tutorial to your house

Even if they have been there before, they may not know where you keep something like extra toilet paper, or how to use the remotes. Why not make a little cheat sheet for them so they don't have to ask you questions every time they need something?

Make a recharging station for their devices

We all have extra chargers lying around, why not set them up in a little station in your guest room so they don't have to worry about leaving theirs behind. Tutorial here.

Give them something to read

If you have any books you think they would like, or some magazine, throw them in a cute basket in the room. That way, if you want to go to bed, you won't feel like you are abandoning them.

Put a clock in the room

Yes, most people have phones with the time on it, but it's nice to have a decorative clock to make it look just that extra little bit fancy.

Go all out with a little snack station

Who wouldn't be thrilled to find this in their guest room? If you happen to have a mini-fridge or an extra coffee maker, your guests will love it!

Most importantly: Try to have lots of blankets available to your guests

The worst part about staying at someone's house is when you get cold, but the host already went to sleep. Make sure there are blanket readily available so your guests can sleep easy. If you have any other tips you use when people come to stay with you share in the comments!

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