They Stopped A Suspected Drunk Driver, Then Pulled This Vomit Covered Baby From The Back Seat.

State troopers in West Virginia, pulled over a suspected drunk driver. But, when they walked up to the car, they found a 1-year-old baby covered in vomit in the back seat. Lt. Michel Baylous told local news that the little baby was brought back to headquarters and cleaned up.

Trooper D.C Graham took control of the situation back at head quarters, where he filled the sink with soapy water and bathed the little boy. He wrapped the baby in a towel and watched over him until child protective services arrived.

Although troopers suspect that the child has been sick for a while, this sweet little guy looks relieved to be cleaned up and cared for.

The baby was placed in the care of a legal guardian and the driver will face DUI charges.

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