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Step Mom Waited 17 Years - Now That She Has It, She Can't Stop Crying

It is never easy to be the step-parent. They may not have created this child, but many people overlook that a step-parent contributes so importantly to raising them.

It can be especially tough for those step-mothers and fathers who have raised their step-children from such a young age. In every other way that matters, this baby is yours and your heart is bound to theirs for life.

That's exactly how Marissa Thamann feels about her stepmom and after 17 years, she asks her the most important question of their lives.

This truly is a natural home video - it doesn't get any more real than a little kid toot, a laugh and then a great big cry when she realizes what's in this box!

Here's what the ornament said!

And the touching letter:

Are you a step-parent who loves their stepchildren this much? Share your story in the comments below!

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