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This Employee Went Beyond The Call Of Duty To Help A Boy Get Shoes And It Will Melt Your Heart

Back-to-school shopping is expensive, regardless of who you are. So many families are left in need because of the crazy costs associated with supplies these days.

For one young boy in Worchester, Massachusetts, he was left to his own devices to get himself shoes for school. He walked in to a sports store and asked an associate where he could find the cheapest shoes. The employee, Osmani Torres, showed him the section and then noticed the shoes on the young boy's feet. They were destroyed and falling apart. Torres asked the boy if that's what he wears to school and the boy said yes, which is why he needs new ones.

Read Osmani Torres' Facebook post about the story. It's truly heartwarming.

"So Today This Little Boy Came Into The Store And Asked Me 'Where Do You Guys Have The Cheapest Shoes?' So I Showed Him Were They Are. So I Asked Him. If These Where For School. He Said Yea. I Looked At His Feet And Saw The Shoes That He Was Wearing Were Destroyed. Literally They Were Breaking Apart. I Asked Him If He Wore That For The First Day Of School And He Said Yes. He Told Me In A Low Voice A Story And That Sh*t Broke My Heart. I Told Him. Don't Worry. Pick Any Shoe You Like. He Said Why 'I'm Not Gonna Have The Money' I Told Him 'Don't Worry, I'll Buy Them For You.'He Was Like 'Really?!!' I Said Yea Of Course. He Got His Favorite Shoes. And I Told Him To Make Me A Promise. To Get Good Grades And Be Good In School. He Said He Promises. He Kept Telling Me This Is Unreal And Couldn't Believe It Was Happening. So My New Buddy Walked Of Of Finish Line With A Brand New Pair Of Shoes For The School Year.. Nothing Makes Me More Happy Than Seeing Someone With A Smile On There Face. Helping People Is The Best Gift God Has Given Me. Have A Good School Year. Bless Up."

This isn't the first time Torres has helped someone in need. In 2015, he saw a homeless man who was clearly very hungry. Torres brought the man to a restaurant to have anything he wanted, and gave him some extra cash to help out as well. He posted a video of it on Facebook, as well.

Osmani Torres shows us that it's always important to give back to those who need it whenever we can.

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