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Strange Skittles Spill Was Supposed To Be Cow Food

A truck carrying hundreds of thousands of Skittles spilled it's defective cargo all over a rural highway in Wisconsin.

Not so strange, cargo spills happen often enough, but that's where normal ends.

The truck was driving through Dodge County when nothing but red Skittles came pouring out. The candies were supposed to be be destroyed after a power outage had prevented the machines from imprinting the signature 'S' on them.

Skattered skittles

Stranger still was the destination of the discarded candies.  The truck was on it's way to a local farm where the candies would have been used as cattle feed.

Although it is common for food byproducts to be used in animal feed, these Skittles came from a factory that doesn't sell unused products for that purpose.


According to Linda Kurtz, a corporate environmental manager at Mars, the company doesn't sell directly to farmers and it follows FDA procedures closely.

She tells the News-Gazette that the red candies came from the plant in Yorkville, Ill. Mars is investigating further into the matter.

Cattle nutritionist, Josh Cribbs tells local news that food byproducts that get used for cattle feed vary depending on what's available in the region depending on the time of year. The byproducts are broken down and blended with other ingredients to reach a specific nutrient goal.

Still, should cattle really be consuming skittles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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