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Stray Dogs Save Abandoned Newborn Baby Girl

A baby girl in India was rescued this Saturday, thanks to her four-legged protectors and a school teacher.

Baby Sania was found, encircled by four stray dogs, lying on the ground among the bushes. Ulhas Chowdhury, a teacher at a nearby school happened to be walking by, when he heard what sounded like a baby's cries.

According to India Times, when he approached the bushes, he saw four stray dogs moving around something on the ground. As he drew closer, the dogs began to wag their tails.

He saw that the object on the ground was little Sania, wrapped in a pink cloth. The dogs barked, as if to alert him and then sat down next to the little bundle.

Chowdry and his neighbor, Parveen Sen, scooped up the little girl and gave her some milk. The loyal dogs followed the group as they walked back to Chowdry's house and called for the police.

Little Sania was brought to the hospital, where she was weighed and measured. The healthy little girl only has a touch of jaundice and is about seven to 10 days old. When she is stronger, she will be taken to a state-run adoption agency.

"Had it not been for the dogs, we would probably have lost the baby. We are all grateful to them," Chowdhury said.

This incredible story just proves that dogs and humans have an incredible connection  - no matter where they're from!

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