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Stray Kitten Interrupts News Broadcast, Steals The Show

During a live broadcast of the Turkish morning television program "Good Morning Denizli," a surprise guest made a special appearance and pretty much stole the show. The video went viral with over 50 thousand views in two days.

As presenter, Kudret Çelebioğlu, was reading the news the cutest stray kitten peeks his little head up over the edge of the desk!

The curious cat hopped up on the desk and proceeded to make himself at home.

The dashing reporter kept his cool and introduced the little guy to his audience. He took the moment to encourage viewers to extend their hearts and hands to homeless cats in their community:

The Dodo translated : "As you know, winter is coming and cold weather is passing through," he said. "It's an unexpected guest, [but] we should cuddle him. We should open the doors to stray cats and give them water and food [...] We all should take care of them somehow."

Leading by example, Kudret and his colleagues gave the kitten a meal and a warm place to sleep. But that's not all! An employee at the studio was just as charmed as we were and decided to give the little cat a forever home. His new name is Hüsnü.

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