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Student Who Received $1 Million In Financial Aid Could Be Facing Jail Time

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Funding for university or college can be extremely difficult to come by. Going through student loan centers, banks, and just saving up all take time and effort. Often times, students need a little extra help to make it through the year.

Sibongile Mani, an accounting student, normally received $108 from her university but something happened this year that changed her life.

She got $1,080,000 instead.

Mani, who studies at Walter Sisulu University in South Africa was shocked to find the staggering amount in her bank account, but she rolled with it. Over a course of 73 days, Mani lived her life like a queen. Friends noticed her basic hairstyle was replaced with $230 Peruvian weaves, her outfits all became designer, and the shopping didn't stop.

Mani even began spending the fortune on her friends, buying them all expensive items, throwing them parties, and attending wild parties across the country. Suspicions began to grow when an ATM receipt was found and leaked online, showing her incredibly high balance.

But what finally tipped everyone off to Mani's new, expensive lifestyle?

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