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Study Says These Are The Type Of People That Eat The Most Fast Food

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“When we looked at older studies we found a bunch of mixed results, it wasn’t clearly established,” she said. “So we decided to get new data, and some more extensive socioeconomic data, to test this hypothesis.”

Her team took a look at the socioeconomic situation of the people who dined on fast food, and made some interesting discoveries.

University Of Michigan Dearborn

"What we found was, while the poorer people did eat more frequently than the very wealthy, the middle eats the most fast food."

The middle class eats fast food more often and in greater numbers than the lower income levels and the top earners.


The study went on to show that it wasn't necessarily how much money you had that determined your likelihood to eat fast food, it was actually how much you worked.

"The more hours you work the more likely you are to eat fast food," she said. Going on to say that the convenience rather than the price is the biggest attraction to fast food.

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When I get fast food I know my energy level is the main thing that makes me do it, how about for you?

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