Stuttering Comedian Posts Hilarious Video to People Who Tell Him He's "Getting Better"

Drew Lynch got his start on the reality TV show, America's Got Talent , where he was runner-up during the 2015 season. Since then he's be hard to stop. Taping his first comedy special, touring, vlogging, Lynch is ready to hit the big-times.

One of Lynch's defining attributes is his stutter. When he was 20, Lynch was hit in the throat with a baseball which damaged some of the nerves in his vocal chords. Even though this set back his acting career, it gave him new purpose and drove him in to comedy.

Recently Lynch posted a video on his Facebook page voicing his frustrations at people who tell him his stutter is "getting better."

"NO! It still sucks. You're improving. Morally. Stop giving me false hope!"

The video is hilarious. Lynch tries to pronounce words he knows he can't. Bananas, edited, flabbergasted. It's going viral online right now, with over 2.3 MILLION views. If that wasn't enough of a draw for you, Drew's dog, Stella, sits there the entire video looking wildly unimpressed. She makes it better.

Check it out!

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