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Supermarket Finds An Adorable Way To Help Autistic Boy Cope

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While he may be a bit young to officially start working, this boy's experience in the supermarket is like none-other.

Dylan Russell is a 7-year-old boy that was diagnosed with autism last year.

The weekly trip to the supermarket had become an ordeal for him and his mom Michelle Finegan because Dylan needs to stick to a clear routine or he will become distressed and agitated.

When staff at the grocery store noticed Dylan clearing away the baskets to stop himself from getting anxious, they struck up a conversation with the boy.

“He loves coming shopping but he hates it at the same time," said his mom Michelle.

“It started in a different Asda - he loved pushing the trolley, loading food in and going to the toy aisle but he hates it at check out because he knows he has nothing to do and he starts getting agitated.”

The mother-of-three used to make trips to the store in the early hours of the morning to make life easier.

To keep himself distracted and calm during checkout, Dylan started stacking the empty baskets near the till.

That's when Asda employee Gareth Hughes spotted him.

“He was such a friendly and pleasant lad and I chatted to him and his mum before they left,” said Hughes. “I didn’t think too much of it until the next week when he came in again, saw me and said ‘Hello Gareth, how are you?’ I knew then I’d made a little friend!”

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