Her Boyfriend Can't Figure Out How The Basket Magically Washes And Folds The Laundry

It can be pretty great living with your significant other: someone to come home to at the end of a long day, share a meal with in your PJs, watch Neflix series with until your eyes blur. Ah, love.

Then, there are the pesky little things called chores and usually, one partner gets stuck doing them all. In this skit, comedian Troy Kinne re-imagines the idea of the useless "other half." In his world, men are just clueless and their only explanation for how household chores get done is magic. His most recent video already has over 400 thousand views on YouTube.

In this hilarious YouTube video, Kinne's character listens to his distraught girlfriend as she tells him that she just can't keep doing it all. He tells her not to worry, and he lets her in on the secret of the magical laundry basket and coffee table. She doesn't take it too well.

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