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Swan Blocking Traffic Gets Busted By Police After A Half Hour Standoff

We can add one more entry to the long list of animal criminal masterminds. In the past we've warned you about cats who steal your food, and seals that nibble on your boots, but now we have a new public enemy number one: this swan who blocked traffic in Nottingham.

A college student caught the feathered fiend on video being shooed off the street by a construction worker, and as you can see she was in no hurry to go anywhere.

Local police were called to handle the situation, but they were apparently powerless to stop the swan, so a local animal control officer arrived fifteen minutes later and handled things herself.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the group that finally managed to arrest the swan, said the foggy conditions may have confused her into thinking the road was water, which explains why she landed.

It doesn't explain why she stayed so long when she was obviously being a nuisance. The swan wasn't injured, so we guess she probably just had a problem with authority. In fact, you can see her facing off with the cops in this dramatic picture.

Thankfully, the swan got off easy this time. No jail time, she was just released back into the wild. It's a good thing the animal control officer got there when she did, because who knows how long this manhunt  - or swan hunt - would have gone on otherwise.

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