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Woman Hospitalized After She Begins Sweating Blood

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[WARNING: This article contains images which some could find disturbing.]

Sweating is a totally normal bodily function. We have to sweat. It maintains our body temperature by cooling us down when we're nervous, warm, or stressed.

But you know what's not normal? Sweating blood.

A 21-year-old woman in Italy was admitted to the hospital after she began sweating blood from her face and hands. Doctors were stumped, as she had no obvious wounds on her body. According to the doctors, the patient had suffered from this type of bleeding for over three years, and there was no indication as to what caused it. It could happen when she was sleeping or when she was exercising. When the woman was stressed, the bleeding was more intense. The episodes could last up to five minutes.

Dr. Roberto Maglie, a dermatologist at the University of Florence and co-author of the article which appeared in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, told CBC News in an email that he could not discuss any details about the patient due to confidentiality.

Blood work was conducted and tests were run, but all the results were normal. Doctors also ruled out the possibility of the patient faking it. She was really sweating blood, and she really needed help.

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