Sweetly Swaddled Kitties Are The Tiniest Purritos

Four tiny kittens, four days old. Hungry and abandoned, a Good Samaritan found them alone under a bush. They were brought inside, fed and bundled up in bright, fuzzy blankets. The most adorable sleepy nose-boop happens at 0:27 and that's pretty much when the kittenverse explodes. Just look at the little paw peeking out over the edge of the one in the blue! If that wasn't cute enough watch what happens when he escapes his tiny catcoon at 0:41. By the end, they've all come unwrapped and it's an adorable pile of kittens!

Sadly, another one of the siblings found that day didn't make it. The little survivors have been named Leo, Brie and Oscar and they will be very well cared for by Cats At The Studios Inc. (CATS Inc.), a non-profit cat rescue organization in California. If you love animal rescues, please like and share!

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