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These Parents Had No Idea That This Photo Of Their Twin Babies' First Embrace, Would Be Their Last

This picture of newborn twins, Mason and Hawk Buchmeyer from Florida was posted about a week ago by their mother on the boys' Facebook page. The beautiful photo of their first embrace was shared almost 30,000 times and the family was surprised and touched by the incredible support that poured in from over 3,000 people.

The viral image of their first hug touched the hearts of thousands of mothers and grandmothers who sent prayers out for the little ones.

Hawk was diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a defect which left him with a hole in his diaphragm, allowing organs to move inside his body. The tiny baby underwent numerous surgeries to try to repair the problem.

Early in the morning of September 7, the family got an urgent call from the hospital - little Hawk had passed away. Thousands of mourners reached out to the family with condolences and prayers for the remaining twin, Mason. The family has asked for time to grieve - although they are comforted knowing that their baby is no longer suffering, it is a loss deeply felt.

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