Teachers Leaps Out A Window To Prove An Important Point

We all had that one teacher who was a little kooky but so wonderful at the same time. They were the ones who captivated you and made you feel like learning was the best thing you could ever do. My 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Charles, used to make us sing "Lord of the Dance" together as a class whenever we walked through the hallways. It was probably the best thing to ever happen to me.

But I can't say Mr. Charles ever leaped out of the classroom in order to further a lesson plan. This teacher, however, did just that. In what sounds like a talk about ethics, he asks his students how they might react in a crisis. Would you save the person in danger, even if it meant putting your own life at risk? In this specific example, the teacher is asking how students would react if a fire broke out in the classroom right then and there.

What he demonstrates is pretty much the literal definition of "fight or flight" and it's amazing. Take a look.

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