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Mom Outraged After Teacher Says Her Daughter Looks Like She 'Should Be Clubbing'

Suzie Webster is outraged after her daughter, Reese, was humiliated at school in front of her peers over how she was dressed.

6th grader Reese was dressed in the school's T-shirt, a button-up denim skirt, and suede ankle boots. Reese has worn the skirt many times before this school year, yet for some reason a teacher decided this day it was "too short." This wasn't done privately, either. Suzie says her daughter was called out in the hallway while surrounded by other students. The teacher told her she "looked like she should be clubbing."

The young girl's mother took to Facebook, saying "I don't know too many women who wear a boxy t-shirt and an A-line preppy denim skirt to go clubbing. Perhaps it was her scandalous ankle boots."

After measuring Reese's skirt in the principal's office, it was determined that her skirt was actually appropriate and they let her go back to class. But at that point, Reese was too embarrassed and asked if she could change into pants.

When Suzie spoke to the administration, they told her it was absolutely necessary to monitor to the dress code for the girls because the boys this age are "very distracted by the girls and their appearance." She was baffled to hear that her daughter had to change because the boys can't control themselves.

"Shouldn't the emphasis be on teaching our sons to be gentlemen and focus on their school work, not how much skin our daughters are showing?" Suzie asks. "It really is hard enough to raise girls to have positive self esteem and a good body image without worrying that they are being shamed by their teachers and administrators."

Reese celebrated her 12th birthday earlier this week, and her mom Suzie posted this cute picture of the two.

She captioned it, "In honor of your 12th birthday today we are going "clubbing."

This is the most recent public proclamation against shaming girls for their dress code at school, especially over something so modest.

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