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Teacher Who Abducted 15-Year-Old Student Wants Out Of Jail Because He Doesn't Like It

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Do you remember Tad Cummins? He was the teacher in Tennessee who abducted his former student, Elizabeth Thomas, and took her on the run with him for a month across state lines.

It was claimed that Cummins didn't actually take Thomas, but that she willingly went with him. There was evidence to suggest the two had been involved romantically before running away, with Instagram posts between the two being front and center.

"It's entirely likely Elizabeth doesn’t believe – at least right now – that she’s a victim," Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokesman Josh DeVine said.

Thomas was found safe in Northern California, and Cummins was sent to jail pending his trial.

Now, as he sits in jail waiting to head to court, Tad Cummins has some complaints about his conditions.

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