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A Group Of Teachers Made Some Student's Days By Surprising Them With Sweet Messages

The teachers at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri have taken it upon themselves to bring positivity back into the lives of their students. Jamie McSparin is a teacher at the school and is responsible for the program for at-risk sophomore and junior students. She presented a challenge to her fellow teachers to tell an individual student that they are important, inspiring, appreciated and make them want to go to work each day.

The students apparently thought they were in trouble when they were pulled out of class, but the teachers would just ask them to stand still while they gave them their praise. McSparin wanted to flip the negative association people usually have with teacher conversations.

"Any teacher/student interaction always seems to be negative, and that was something that bothered me, too. No matter if they're a good kid or a trouble maker or anything, they always thought they were in trouble," - Jamie McSparin

The video is really sweet to watch, because you can see the moment on the kid's faces when they realize that they aren't in trouble. The smiles slowly grow and they all look a little embarrassed but honored to be told they are inspiring for their teachers.

McSparin got the idea after the students wrote letters of gratitude to the teachers last spring. She took three weeks to set up the video with other teachers and apparently all the teachers loved participating and would go up to McSparin days later asking when they were doing the next one.

Check out the video below and prepare to be filled with warm fuzzy feelings.

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