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Surfer Teen Is Attacked By Shark, Says The Most Teenaged Thing Ever

Cooper Allen was surfing with his friends in the waters of Lighthouse Beach, Ballina, Australia when he felt a bump and a tug that had him toppling into the water.

At first, he thought it was his friend, Jae Waters, who was pulling a prank; he quickly realized that the shadow below was not his pal, but a predator.

Just after 9:00 a.m., Cooper Allen entered into the fight of his life: one 17-year-old boy against a 3.5 meter great white shark.


The white shark was spotted off Lighthouse Beach, AustraliaNSW SharkSmart

Although Cooper's legs were mauled by the aggressive shark, he was able to free himself and swim to shore with the help of his friends.

Jae, just 14 years-old, rushed in to help Cooper when he saw the shark. "The shark bit his leg-rope off and he lost his board,'' he told the Daily Telegraph, "we tried to tow him with our leg-ropes but he was swimming — he's a pretty good swimmer.''

Another rescuer, Dan Webber saw the attack from about 5 meters, according to reports, he saw a "huge fin" and the shark become tangled in Cooper's leg rope.

Despite his serious wounds, Cooper - ever the teenager -  told his friends to "call an ambulance... but don't tell Mum."

Amanda Abate/Channel 7/Twitter

Amanda Abate/Channel 7/Twitter

Although he is in hospital being treated for the deep gashes on his leg, Cooper is itching to get back into the water. He will need a plenty of stitches to bind up his wounds, and it's likely that the enormity of his close call hasn't quite sunk in.

He is, after all, Ballina's "surfing mad fearless larrikin."

"He'll be fine," a school friend, who declined to be named, told local news. "When you love surfing as much as he does, nothing will ever stop you from doing it," he said.

Boys will be boys, but he sure is one lucky dude.

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