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Teen Calls 911 After Parents "Force Her" on Family Trip

A Toronto girl is probably seriously grounded right now, after she called the police to report her parents "forced her to go on vacation with her."

Police responded to the emergency call from a rental cottage, but when they arrived they determined there was no real emergency. Although, if you've ever been forced in to a family vacation you know that's up for debate. The police still investigated the claim, interviewing all the family members to determine it was, in fact, just a family trip. Once all was said and done, they concluded it was just a case of a teen being teen.

The police did make a statement, though, reminding the public not to use the emergency line for non-emergencies. It ties up resources for people who may actually be in need of assistance.

As for the family, there's been no word whether or not they stayed at the cabin after the call. It's probably safe to say things were a little awkward after that.

What they thought was going to happen:

What actually happened:

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