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'Teen Mom' Star Maci Bookout Reveals She Suffered A Devastating Miscarriage

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is opening up about the painful experience of miscarrying a baby girl.

The mother-of-three revealed she suffered a miscarriage in a clip for the upcoming January 22 episode, which will give insight to her sorrow.

Bookout, 26, was at dinner with her husband Taylor McKinney, 28, where the pair discussed the prospect of having more children.

"We are not having another baby," Bookout told her husband. "You really want another child?"

"I love kids. I wouldn’t be mad about it," McKinney responded.

The couple discussed their options, with Bookout mentioning she would like to adopt a child between the ages of four to six.

"If you seriously want to have another baby then I’ll do it. But I still want to adopt too. If that’s really what you want naturally I want to do it now," she said.

With McKinnley retorting: "If we want it to happen, it’s going to happen like that."

That's when Bookout's miscarriage is brought up.

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