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Teenager Forced To Live In A Plastic Bucket For 19 Years Has Died

When Rama Haruna was born, she seemed just like every other baby, but something was desperately wrong with her. It wasn't until she started missing the typical baby milestones that her mother realized that her daughter was not like the others.

The 19-year-old girl from Kano, Nigeria stopped growing when she was about six months old. Her limbs just stopped developing. As she aged, she was practically limbless and in constant pain. Her family did everything they could to care for her and get her medical treatment, but specialists are expensive and no one could tell them what was wrong.

Doctors told Rahma's parents that she had been struck down by jinns - a supernatural being in Islam mythology. With little hope for a cure, her family did all they could to make life easier for her.

News of her death on Christmas Day broke when photojournalist Sani Maikatanga, who originally shared her story, posted about the sad news.

She wrote: "Rahma Haruna a 19 years old girl has passed away on Sunday 25th of December 2016. May Almighty grant her Jannatul Firdaus (Paradise) ... amen (sic).'

Learn more about Rama's story in the video below:

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