Dreaming About Your Teeth Falling Out Can Mean Something's Wrong

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99% of the dreams you experience are forgotten by the time you wake up, according to the National Dream Foundation. You have multiple dreams on a nightly basis, but usually people can only recall one, if any. But we all have those dreams that stick with us no matter what. It could be something as fun as being a famous celebrity or a recurring nightmare like losing a close friend. Dreams all have different meanings, but we don't usually know what they mean.

These are some basic dream meanings:


Time Magazine

If you dream about finding money that isn't yours, it could mean you are feeling guilty about taking credit for something that isn't yours, according to Kelly Sullivan Walden, founder of Dream-Life Coach Training. But, if you dream of finding money on the street or something, it could represent a renewed sense of self-appreciation and self-worth!


Human Engineers

Dream expert Lauri Quinn Loewenberg says dreaming about being late for work or missing a deadline can mean you feel as though you're missing out on a career opportunity elsewhere. If you've ever dreamed about being naked at work, it could mean you feel vulnerable and exposed at work, as well as worried about how other people perceive you.



To dream you are flying can often mean you have achieved a recent goal and are feeling a sense of freedom. It can also represent you are reaching new heights in your career or personal life and are feeling in control. Flying can also suggest you need to look at things from the big-picture frame of mind.



Falling represents a big red flag. Whether it's in your personal, financial, or professional life, falling tells you something is going rapidly in the wrong direction and needs to be fixed soon. People who suffer from depression are more likely to have dreams about falling. It can also signify just being overwhelmed about life in general.

But possibly the most common, and most unsettling, dream theme is your teeth falling out. Whether it's one tooth or all your teeth at once, watching them fall out of your mouth makes for an unpleasant experience.

Thankfully, dream expert Ian Wallace gave some insight onto what our subconscious is trying to tell us.

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