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Mother Reunited With Her Lost Girl After Tennis Player Rafael Nadal Stopped Match

Parents know that the worst feeling is not knowing where their kid is. Top-rated tennis player Rafael Nadal was just about to serve when he realized that something was happening in the crowd. He stopped the match and brought the entire crowds attention to the woman yelling "Clara". The audience started to help yell and search with her, trying to find the young girl who had wandered off in the crowd of 7000 people.

As soon as the people sitting next to her realize what is happening they all jump up to help yell for the small girl. You can only imagine how that poor woman feels as she tries to find her.

The little girl was quickly found and the mother rushed over and scooped up her daughter in an emotional hug. Even though the entire thing happens in less than two minutes it is still heartbreaking to watch how afraid the mother is.

It really is a hard experience for the mother and child, and it could have ended much worse. Comments on the video include several blaming the mother for not watching her child better. It was however nice that the crowd and players came together to focus on the missing girl. If the crowd had been indifferent and the game hadn't stopped it would have taken a lot longer to find her.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Kids can be tricky and sneak away on even the best parents. We're just glad that this family was reunited so quickly!

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