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Terribly Hilarious Game Show Answer Probably Destroyed Their Friendship

When you go on a game show with your friend, it will usually go in one of two ways. Either you become closer from working together and sharing the fun experience, or you destroy your entire friendship.

These two friends were on the British  quiz show Pointless and unfortunately, it did not start out great. Sarah and Mariam's first question proved that the pressure of being put on the spot can really cloud your judgement. Oh, Sarah... Mariam was none to pleased with her friend's response and did not try to hide it at all.

Do you think they are still friends? The question was to name a county that ends in two consonants and Sarah's answer of "Paris" fails on all the levels. How would you react if that was what your friend said in that situation? Would you have the same slow motion eye roll as poor Mariam?

It's almost like you can see her re-evaluating their entire friendship on stage. Check out the video below and watch this poor girl struggle to stay quiet.

Pointless is a came show on the BBC that is kind of similar to Family Feud but with teams of two. There is pre-conducted survey like Family Feud, but instead of trying to find the most common answer, you want to find the most obscure - known as the "pointless" answer. The prize starts at £2,500 and is raised £500 for every "pointless" answer.

Can you name a country that ends in two consonants? Share with your answer in the comments!

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