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Oh Snap! Disney Channel Is Making A 'That's So Raven' Spin Off!

Do you remember the amazing show That's So Raven, starring the hilariously goofy Raven Simone? Well, guess what...Disney is bringing it back! Kind of like the Full House reboot, this new project will show how Raven's life changed since the show ended. Apparently we will find Raven as a divorced mother of two pre-teens, one of which has inherited her special psychic ability.  


The series is currently untitled but Disney is thrilled to be bringing back the character of Raven Baxter and the actress Raven Simone.

"Her performance in That's So Raven is timeless. We now have our eyes on the future with her, and we're looking forward to telling more stories for a new generation with an adult Raven Baxter raising her young family." - VP of Disney Channel's Worldwide Adam Bonnett said of Raven Simone.


The Disney Channel has had success with its other spin-off series Girl Meets World, which brings back all the favorite characters from Boy Meets World. There isn't any news on if any other original cast members will be rejoining, but with Raven Simone herself as the star AND executive producer the show is likely going to be amazing.

Let us know if you are excited for this reboot!

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