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The 10 Best Gingerbread Landmarks From Around The World

It's hard enough just keeping four cookie walls and a roof from falling in, but every year pastry chefs around the world push themselves to the limit making nearly perfect models of famous landmarks.

Just thinking about all the work that goes into these makes me tired. It would be like building a real house, except you have to bake all of your materials!

we'll try to stay positive. Instead of focusing on how awful our own gingerbread creations are, let's enjoy some truly beautful ones from bakers around the world.


1. Gingerbread Big Ben

2. Eiffel Tower

3. Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia

4. The White House

5. The Sphinx

6. The Tate Museum, London

7. The Louvre, Paris

8. Toji Tower, Japan

9. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

10. Sesame Street, New York

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