An "Orangutan" Stopped By This Morning Show For A Chat

Audiences in the UK who hadn't had their coffee yet might not have been prepared for the shock of the surprise guest on BBC Breakfast.

While lots of celebrities, politicians and news makers stop by the red couch to talk about the day's events, giant apes don't normally swing by the studio for a chat.

But Beruti the orangutan isn't a normal animal, and he had a good reason for sitting down with hosts Charlie Stayt and Steph McGovern. Beruti is actually an animatronic orangutan, made for the BBC's new nature show Spy In The Wild.

Look closely at his right eye and you'll see it's actually a camera he uses to snoop on other orangutans, but even up close he's really convincing.

If you're wondering what exactly Beruti had to go undercover to film, you'll have to tune into his episode of Spy In The Wild, but the show has released a preview that's pretty cool.

Sure, this orangutan teaches itself to use a saw like a human, but could it be a guest on a morning news show? I think not.

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